Applied Technology is the practical application of technology to solve real problems that the people in your business face. We bring a focus to how technology is best leveraged so that you get real results whether it’s  enhanced effectiveness, boosts to productivity, clearer actionable insights or decision making or just streamlined operations.

Understanding that the future of work is data-driven and capitalises on opportunities that arise from the intersection of people and technology, LevelUp taps into our broad experience of business operations underpinned by our application of business analysis, project management and design thinking methodologies to understand what you really need from your technology.  We aim to design and implement effective solutions that connect people, processes and systems across your business.


Your Challenges & Our Solutions

We spend a lot time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it.” – Dr. Prabhjot Singh, Director of Systems Design at the Earth Institute

There is every chance that when you look at the technology and systems your business has rolled out, adoption of some of them is less than ideal – people create their own workarounds, create alternatives that supplement or duplicate their work or simply avoid using the technology leading to delays and data risk.

There are several fundamental reasons for this including;





The strength of LevelUp’s Applied Technology team is the cross functional nature of their experience and expertise that spans IT, Human Resources, Change Management, Business Analysis and Improvement and Engineering.

Design Thinking is a practical, people focused framework that underpins our approach to work. Using this broad framework, we develop keen insights about your business and the problems it faces. Within the first “diamond” we use established Business Analysis,  Organisational and  Change Management methodologies to provide a robust approach that refines and ranks the specific problems that need solving.


The willing and even enthusiastic acceptance of competing constraints is the foundation of design thinking.” – Tim Brown, Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

We similarly use our Organisational Governance and Business Improvement principles to develop recommendations that are people centric and focused on the most viable and feasible technology solutions available.

We then help you implement your chosen solution by:

LevelUp’s Applied Technology Services can be deployed in your business as a discrete team that we manage or individual experts under your direction,

LevelUp’s Applied Technology Services can support your business across the following areas;

However we are engaged, our core purpose is to help you, and your business LevelUp your performance.