At LevelUp our core purpose is to change the world of work for the better.

We are working for a future where People are engaged by their organisations to do the work that they are great at, and love the doing. Where people find alignment between who they are, what they do and the business they work for.

Where employees in a business become a community rather than a collection of individuals who just happen to be in close proximity for more than 2000 hours a year!

Our collaboration with Active Mental Health is an extension of our purpose because we know that who you are in your personal life has a direct impact on who you are at work (and visa versa).

We are proud to support Activate Mental Health as they seek to creating community within our private lives in the belief that this community is an integral part of supporting our work-based lives.

Connection, and belonging for both our organisations us is the key to a successful, happy and meaningful life.

We look forward to working with Activate Mental Health as we both strive to recognise and support the importance of being a whole person, whether at work or at play.

There are many ways to ‘activate’ your mental health, click on the logo below to see more.