Consistent and efficient with the ability to generate predictable results – this is the aim of every organisation in existence.

Traditional organisational systems degrade over time as business operations and markets shift. What may have originally been fit for purpose, over time becoming inefficient and costly to support and increasingly relying on people to find ways of working around hierarchies and processes, rather than process and hierarchies enabling people.

Rapid digitisation and automation, increasing and changing demand for services and evolving expectations that are a feature of the future of work mean that traditional, linear Organisational Governance models are becoming less viable far more rapidly than ever before.

Your Challenges & Our Solutions

LevelUp’s Organisational Governance services are designed to address inefficiencies and inconsistencies created in organisational structures and processes at all levels. Our objective is to ensure that organisational processes and structures are designed to support efficient and effective execution of day-to-day operations that deliver revenue and profitability that consider the impact of the future of work.

Using a combination of Business Analysis and Business Improvement process we map your current state, identify opportunities for improvement and recommend changes across:

At each level we ensure that information is fed back into your Work Winning processes creating a continuous improvement loop designed to help you win, and execute more work, more profitably.

We also work with our Applied Technology team to help identify opportunities for process automation within your current technology stack and / or potential to introduce new technology if appropriate.

Once improvements have been agreed, we work hand in hand with key stakeholders to implement the agreed changes helping transition the business operationally and culturally to the normal.

Our Team of Experts

Our Commercial Manager is a veteran of resources and contracting environments and leads a team of professionals with expertise across all aspects of:

Our team is designed to be deployed as either a single, cohesive unit, or as individual experts to fill a specific need.

We understand that there may be complex commercial and financial issues that need to be resolved before you can engage in any business improvement activities and our team is ready to step to help in these situations, as needed.

Engaging LevelUp to assist in these issues generates data our team can then use to help you avoid the same issues again in future.

However, we are engaged, our core purpose is to help you, and your business to LevelUp your performance.