Work winning is part of the life blood of any commercially viable business. It is inherently costly, time consuming and resource intensive. We have the expertise, tools and experience to help you maximise your return on investment.

LevelUp approaches Work Winning Strategically,  focused on positive people, effort, reducing waste and building efficiency.

We rapidly develop align winning teams who fully understand customer requirements. Under the Strategic Work Winning division of LevelUp, we pride ourselves on providing specialist management consultancy for all work winning, pre‐contracts and business development strategy expertise,  across an array of sectors and markets sectors nationally. We can help you get your business sales strategy right, enhance your work winning process and improve your conversion rate of success. Our conversion rates to date, achieved for our clients have been on average 75% won vs. tendered in 2020/2021 alone. There is a craft to winning work and we want to share this with you.

Your Challenges & Our Solutions

Our Work Winning Team

The LevelUp Work Winning team has strong capability and access to wider organisational resources, personnel, and experience. We have brought together an enthusiastic team who complement each other’s skill sets, bringing the strength, expertise, discipline, and collaborative approach required to drive towards achieving well‐articulated, engineering focused proposals, resulting in higher conversion rates and success. The team has a depth of expertise across multiple markets and sectors,   has been hand picked to provide you with a robust skilled team that knows what good looks like and has worked together before.

Our Director of Strategic Work Winning,  will be the critical link from initial concept through to submission, with significant input and support from our National Proposals & Marketing Manager. Combined with a full complementary bid team, LevelUp’s approach for each tender opportunity is tailored and scalable on industry, client requirements and schedules, type of tender opportunity and value. Our solution is customised each time to ensure that we put forward the right skill set, with a team that that re‐engineers a winning solution and offering to your client. A summary of our core competencies, sectors and expertise is illustrated below.

Outsourcing = Staff Retention, Reduces Bid Fatigue & Increases Revenue

Outsourcing consultancy support for any work winning or pre‐contracts activities doesn’t, need to interfere or impact current operations for your business. Our concept is simple, you utilise our services to soften the peaks and troughs, creating consistency and growth in your business, we fill in the gaps in between. This is ideal for a business that needs to secure more growth and revenue but doesn’t want to have the overhead burden of increasing the existing team, you just turn our services on an off like a tap. We will ensure there is no disruption to your current work winning team, its business as usual and at the end of the tender phase,  we hand over the entire proposal back to your team backed with our Confidentiality Guarantee.

We provide solutions to all your pre-contracts needs, from bid writing, bid leading or content development to help you articulate a compelling proposal.  To writing construction methodologies, management plans or developing detailed level 3/4 schedules with BIM interface to show your client how you’ll build the job. At LevelUp we can lead, write, estimate, plan, program and run QRA on any prospective bid, specialising in Alliances, relationship contracting and EPC/EPCM models.